NC HUB Certification

Success Through Diversity

ProSidian Consulting is a current NC HUB Certified business dedicated to providing value and service to our clients.  Our Structured Approach to Strategic Solutions create value and synergy for our private and public clients large and small.   

Why does the HUB Certification Matter?

In the new diverse, global marketplace, it is important to have a global mindset capable of delivering high-impact deliverables while navigating cultural, race, gender, age, and other potential differences.

ProSidian Consulting helps brings a diverse, global perspective to our public and private clients large and small.  As an 8(a) and NC HUB Certified firm, we have the capabilities and experience to drive new sources of innovation and efficiency to create sustainable advantage in the 21st century.  This certification also allows ProSidian to fulfill an increasing requirement for organizations to utilize small business and minority firms.


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