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ProSidian Consulting Is Looking For "Great People Who Lead". In fact, ProSidian is always looking for qualified, dedicated professionals at all levels in the organization.  We hire individuals who have depth and breadth of experience and a functional, technical or industry specialty.  

What attracts professionals to build careers at ProSidian Consulting? Many ProSidian employees say it is our culture.  Our employees place client reference ability, teamwork, integrity and accountability above all else.  ProSidian's culture values the individual's contributions and provides the resources you need to excel. In addition, there is a positive, goal-oriented attitude.

Our vision is to be recognized as the trusted business advisor to clients in the markets we serve.  We help clients develop business strategies, improve operational effectiveness and implement the projects required to achieve results.

We are challenged to win and we play to win. The culture also supports teamwork in flexible project teams, across disciplines, and throughout the organization. Our collective efforts focus on meeting the client's needs first and foremost through a culture where an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for the individual form the cornerstone of advisory services.

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Why ProSidian Consulting?

  • Structured Approach To Strategic Solutions
  • Objectivity in working with clients
  • Shorter project ramp-up time
  • Vendor neutrality
  • People-focused consulting model
  • Low employee turnover benefits our clients
  • Intellectual challenge; we take on problems that challenge us intellectually and create substantial impact
  • Encourage creativity and initiative; it is what allows us to stay ahead of the competition
  • Flexible career paths; we support the individual's professional goals and personal needs
  • Work where you live; we do not require our consultants to re-locate ... work where you choose
  • Our firm offers a range of options to meet the needs of our consultants and clients.  Whether you are looking for a long or a short-term assignment, to work as an independent contractor, ProSidian employee, or a permanent position with a client company, we can help.  

This is a good time to register in our system so we can match you appropriately with opportunities.  Forwarding your resume to us will give us an opportunity to review your background and career objectives.

Please see our On-Line Application for more details.

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