In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is imperative that we share our point-of-view regarding the sectors we serve and highlight key issues, trends, and drivers. ProSidian's publications share relevant and important information gathered during our activities. We provide you with insights on the issues faced by leading organizations.

06 01 2014

Conflict Minerals Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

08 01 2013

ProSidian Consulting LLC Overview

08 01 2013

Regulatory Compliance Reporting Support Brochure

07 06 2012

ProSidian Consulting GSA Federal Supply Service (FSS) Brochure

11 11 2011

Building A Culture Of Sustainability

25 10 2011

Importance Of Contracts As A Risk Management Tool

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25 10 2011

ProSidian Consulting Point Of View On The 2009-10 Petition For A General Electric Distribution Rate Increase In Massachusetts

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