In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is imperative that we share our point-of-view regarding the sectors we serve and highlight key issues, trends, and drivers. ProSidian's publications share relevant and important information gathered during our activities. We provide you with insights on the issues faced by leading organizations.

15 05 2013

ProSidian Consulting Human Resources Support

08 01 2013

ProSidian Consulting Base Capabilities Statement

11 07 2012

ProSidian Consulting Grants Program Management Services Solution Set

10 07 2012

ProSidian Energy & Sustainability Risk Management Solution Set

23 11 2011

On-Demand Services Solution Set

23 11 2011

ProSidian Private Equity Portfolio Support Solution Set

02 09 2011

Utility Bill Tracking, Invoice Validation, Auditing & Processing Solution Set

02 09 2011

Program & Project Management Solution Set

02 09 2011

Energy Procurement Solution Set

02 09 2011

End-to-End Data Quality Solution Set

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