At ProSidian Consulting, we place a high premium on teaming relationships with organizations who share our vision for providing value added services to clients in the industries we serve. We advocate for a Structured Approach to Strategic Solutions. As such, we make the effort to highlight our participant organizations; professional representations; business certificates; industry associations; and strategic partnerships.


ProSidian Consulting is pleased to support organizations that are making a difference in the communities we serve and through various areas of professional focus. Organizations supported by ProSidian Consulting also illustrate local and regional member groups of the firm's consultants and associates. Below are a few examples of organizations we support through the years:


Representations of Prosidian Consulting clients past & present

Great Clients Make a Great Company... The quality of a professional services organization can in generally be gauged by the quality of its clients. We partner and work with a number global companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations to deliver a broad range of services. Our clients demand work of the highest quality that is consistent, accurate and relevant. They will accept nothing less, and we deliver nothing less.



ProSidian Consulting is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) E-Verify Designated Agent.



ProSidian Consulting's success is firmly rooted in developing mutually beneficial relationships with its clients, strategic alliance partners, and suppliers. ProSidian Consulting can successfully fulfill our integral role in serving clients in the markets we serve.


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