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Risk Management

ProSidian's Risk Management services respond to client requests to "Keep Us Out of Trouble" and "Make Our Business Better". Many companies are largely focused on regulatory compliance, while others are managing safety and security risk, information risk, operations risk, controls risk, as well as market and portfolio risk.


Energy and Sustainability

ProSidian's Energy & Sustainability Management services respond to client requests to "Keep Us Out of Trouble" and "Make Our Business Better".  Many companies are largely focused on day to day operations, while others are managing safety and security initiatives; however energy and sustainability impacts the ability to manage costs, increase efficiency and maintain compliance.


Project Management

Project Management is increasingly seen in the marketplace as the most critical component of project success.  In today’s organizations, a myriad of concurrent projects are often managed in silos, with no single governing body responsible for ensuring success across the spectrum.  ProSidian Consulting provides our clients with a pre-defined framework for managing strategic, large-scale change initiatives comprised of a number of individual projects.  ProSidian's ANTHEM Project Management Methodology focuses on results through execution, including work done and deliverables produced.


Business Process

In the evolving picture of volatile markets, leading companies respond to the demands of the marketplace with speed and efficiency. They also find ways to leverage the investments they are making in order to enhance overall business performance.  ProSidian works with organizations to align business effectiveness and efficiency with strategies for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.


Talent Management

Meeting your organization’s goals and objectives depends largely on the people in your organization that achieve results.  With ProSidian Consulting's Talent Management solutions you will be better able to hire, manage, retain, and develop your employees to ensure you have the right people in place.  ProSidian Consulting helps you focus on Talent Management so you can support your team with the talent that is driving results and understand how to manage that talent. 


IT Effectiveness

Technology not aligned to an organization’s business strategy represents a wasted investment.  ProSidian Consulting helps clients develop a cohesive IT strategy that closely aligns with the organization’s business strategy, maximizes investment in people, process and technology, and is benchmarked against industry and non-industry best practices. 



Effective Governance Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is the inflection point for sustaining business and shareholder value. Organizations face fundamental business issues such as maintaining a "culture of compliance" while managing risk, increasing revenues, and controlling costs - items that all organizations, in all industries, must address in order to flourish. Leading organizations leverage streamlined GRC practices to maximize their business performance. 



Learning has become the connective tissue between the organization’s mission and those charged with carrying it forward. This connected learning motivates employees and aligns their needs with organizational initiatives.

From a single course to an integrated multi-subject training pathway, we provide resources for training, coaching and knowledge management while enhancing your organization’s reputation, performance, and bottom line. Whatever your training needs, ProSidian can help: INVEST | EMPOWER | DELIVER


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